How to Reset and Change Comcast Email Password?

    Each and every account of ours like the Comcast email account is protected by a password. Passwords play an important part in keeping our accounts safe and secure. In order to keep our account safe people sometimes set a complicated password which they themselves forget which is quite funny. It is true that one should set a strong password but not that difficult that you yourself forget it. 

    But do not worry, Xfinity email login provides you the option to reset and change your email password when you forget it. You just need to follow the steps given below for the same – 

    1. First you need to go to the site Comcast.net email login 

    2. Now, you need to fill up your Comcast username and then hit the “Continue” button. If you are not able to remember your username of Comcast you have to go to the xfinity.com/username. 

    3. In the next step, you are supposed to get done with the “CAPTCHA”. 

    4. After completing the CAPTCHA process you have to select the method you want to opt to recover your password. 

    5. You will get a link on the email to recover password if you selected that and if you opted for text you will get the code on it. 

    6. Now, you can recover and change your password as well. 

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